Being Healthy NOT Skinny – It’s Time for Change

Focus on Being Healthy, NOT Skinny - It's Time for a Change - Aleigha Larrondo of

Focus on being healthy not skinny…it’s time for a change, ladies! Being skinny is too mainstream nowadays. The perception of ANY woman should be she is skinny – when we are each unique in shape, composition…etc!  Watch my video to learn WHY we need to change this PRONTO! Being Healthy Not Skinny Most often woman looks for […]

Plus Size Dating Tips – How to Attract the Right Date

Plus Size Dating Tips - Attracting the Right Date

“There’s a big difference between who we LOVE, who we SETTLE for and who we’re MEANT for.”   -Unknown Hello Ladies! One of the BIGGEST thing I see Plus Size women struggle with dating is thinking they are worthy of someone fabulous.  So often we think that we’ll just “settle” for someone who (at least) likes us, […]

How to Wear a Scarf in Spring & Summer – FashionistaChallenge™

How to Wear a Scarf in Spring & Summer - Aleigha Larrondo of

Learn how to wear fabulous scarves this Spring and Summer! I really love styling my outfit with a scarf (they are the perfect “spice” to any ensemble).  If you ever say to yourself, “Oh Aleigha, I want to wear a scarf too but I don’t know how!”…you’ve come to the right place for answers.   I’m sharing in this video some […]

Plus Size Style Challenges – What Are Yours? SHARE HERE!

Plus Size Style Challenges - Tell Me!

Got Plus Size Style Problems? Tell me and let me help you, girlfriend! Hello there, my Fashionistas! If you’re having Plus Size Style challenges, watch my new video and don’t forget to leave a comment!   Plus Size Style Challenges In this video, I want you to share with me what makes you frustrated, what […]

How to Feel Good About Your Body – Plus Size Positive

How to Feel Good About Your Body - Plus Size Positive

It’s a challenge – but you can totally be a confident, Plus Size Woman (and feel good about your body)! Today’s video is all about feeling good about your body.  Will it happen overnight?  Nope (unfortunately).  Is it something you can work towards?  Absolutely!  Part of my Plus Size Positive series is about helping challenge […]