Rebel Wilson Plus Size Clothing line for Torrid….WHAT!!!

Rebel Wilson for Torrid - the new Plus Size Collection! Check out the Collection deets from Aleigha Larrondo of!

Hello my Fashionistas, how are you guys? Are you guys LOVING these #psBreakthroughs? [Watch the video below to see today’s feature!]  Honestly, they’re so inspirational and I love that I get open every video with your guys’ (you know) overcoming…conquering something. So, definitely if you have something to share, click here to share yours! But, I just love them! They […]

SHARE the Plus Size Love with Friend/Family!

SHARE the Plus Size Love! You are Beautiful, Wonderful, Loved! From Aleigha Larrondo of

Today marks a very special Plus Size Positive Monday, because it’s all about YOU. This message is coming from me and it’s coming from the person that tagged you on this video or shared this video with you… Click to WATCH & LISTEN to our SPECIAL Message for You!    Sharing the Plus Size Love   Ladies, it’s time […]

Which Plus Size Words Do You Prefer? Plus Size? Curvy? BBW?

Plus Size? Curvy? BBW? What Plus Size Words Do You Prefer? - From Aleigha Larrondo of

Hello my Fashionistas, how are you guys? I actually have a really exciting topic today! I’ve been dying to know…how you guys feel about “Plus Size Words”.  You know – the words that describe our gorgeous body shapes? (hehe).  There are about a billion of them out there – but each have their own “feeling” – […]

My Parents Think I’m Fat

My Parents Think I'm Fat - What to do and how to overcome Family Bullying (or seek help) - Aleigha Larrondo from

Hello my Fashionistas! How are you guys? Welcome to another Plus Size Positive Monday! I’m so excited that you guys are here…and I am talking about a topic that hits too close to home! “My Parents Think I’m Fat”. My cousin thinks I’m fat, my sister or my brother thinks I’m fat, my Uncle, my second-removed Aunt from another mother! Whoever it is […]

My Plus Size Tinder Experiment

My Plus Size Tinder Experiment - Aleigha Larrondo of

Hello my Fashionistas! How are you guys? So I have an AMAZINGLY fun video… I guess it kind of a little series that’s going to be happening probabily for the next like month or so…BUT! I some things I need to get off my chest!  My Plus Size Tinder Experiment – ‘Fat Girl Tinder Date’ Response + I’m Joining Tinder!?   […]

Aleigha’s New Personal YouTube Channel

Aleigha Larrondo's new PERSONAL YouTube Channel

Hello my Fashionistas!  I’m so excited to announce my NEW (and Personal) YouTube Channel, which is currently (as of the date of this blog post posting) waiting for fresh new videos coming in the next couple of weeks – YAY! Are you guys excited? This is your chance to really get to know me, and […]